Executive Biography of Sheila Remes

Ms Sheila Remes
Vice President
Environmental Sustainability
The Boeing Company

Sheila Remes is vice president of Environmental Sustainability at The Boeing Company. In this role, she leads a team focused on continuously improving Boeing’s products, services and operations to achieve sustainability goals. She also oversees environmental sustainability strategy on the Boeing International
leadership team.

Remes previously served as vice president of Strategy for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, where she led cross-functional efforts to define strategic direction and address complex, enterprise-wide business decisions. These included greater lifecycle value for customers and internal capabilities for Boeing, growth opportunities such as services and intellectual property control, product and propulsion strategy, and environment and aviation policy.

With 30 years of industry experience, Remes brings a strong understanding of commercial aviation from manufacturing and airline perspectives.

Her past positions at Boeing included services strategy, sales strategy, and a variety of regional marketing and sales positions for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Her roles were focused on identifying new opportunities, developing relationships with partners and influencers in the industry, and supporting customers around the world. She joined Boeing as an engineer on the 777 program.

Remes came to Boeing with experience at two airlines. At America West, she was responsible for airplane and component acquisition, airplane modification engineering and flight operations engineering support. At United, she supported the commercial side of the business working on revenue management, scheduling, station reliability, sales and marketing efforts with corporate customers.

Outside of Boeing, Remes serves on the board of directors for the World Affairs Council of Seattle and the International Aviation Women’s Association. She also serves as Boeing’s University Focal for Seattle University and supports the University of Washington Innovation Roundtable

Topic Synopsis – The Future of Sustainable Flight

Boeing believes a connected world is a better world. Billions of passengers fly every year to connect with loved ones, discover new places and cultures, engage in commerce and care for those in need. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to travel when they want, where they want. But the only way to achieve this while safeguarding our shared world is to enable carbon-free mobility. 

Sustainability is not just a challenge to solve for in the future, it is a challenge to solve today. For commercial aviation, this means continuously delivering on near-term innovations and goals, while also exploring fundamentally new ways of flying. The future of sustainable flight is not about one technology, one company, or even one industry – it requires all of us.

In this discussion we will talk about how to reach carbon-free flying by 2050 and the interdisciplinary, global approach that is required. As we understand how we may live and want to move around in the future, we can better inform our exploration of the solution space. This discussion is rooted in analyses of Sociological, Technological, Economical, Environmental and Political scenario building providing a holistic approach to characterizing probable and preferred future states. This helps us engage all stakeholders so that we can uncover the obvious and the not so obvious things we need to consider in creating a sustainable and equitable future of flight. By envisioning and exploring the future we want to have, we can pursue the policies, investments and relationships we need today to put us on that path.