Danny Lee

WED:CRDGL 24 Organising Committee

As we celebrate World Engineering Day (WED), let’s engage in a crucial conversation about building a

sustainable future. This year’s Charles Rudd Distinguished Global Lectures (CRDGL), themed
“Sustainable Development Goals: Engineering as an Enabler,” offers a powerful platform to explore how engineering ingenuity can unlock ground-breaking solutions and pave the way for a thriving, eco-
conscious tomorrow.


This theme perfectly aligns with the four pillars of Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 – Sustainable Living,
Green Economy, Energy Reset, and Resilient Future. These pillars represent the roadmap towards a
nation powered by clean energy, responsible consumption, and innovative resilience.

CRDGL tackles the interconnected pillars of Singapore’s Green Plan head-on through two insightful
panel discussions. The first, “Opportunities and Challenges: Energy Reset and Green Economy,”
explores the crucial role of decarbonization, strategic climate finance, and AI-powered innovation in our
journey towards a cleaner future. We’ll delve into transitioning to renewable energy sources, leveraging
finance for green economic growth, and harnessing AI to unlock new job opportunities and propel
industries forward. The second panel, “The Approach to Foster a Resilient Future and Sustainable
Living,” focuses on building a nation prepared for climate change. Esteemed panelists will discuss
reducing carbon emissions, adopting responsible consumption practices, and embracing waste reduction
and recycling initiatives, powered by digital technologies and engineering ingenuity. Together, these sessions promise to ignite meaningful conversations, forge collaborative partnerships, and inspire game-
changing innovations to the critical challenges we face.


CRDGL is not just an event; it’s a call to action. Join us as we ignite meaningful conversations, forge
collaborative partnerships, and inspire game-changing innovations to the critical challenges we face.
Together, through the power of engineering ingenuity and unwavering commitment, we can build a bright
future where sustainability isn’t just a dream but a thriving reality.


Mark your calendars! WED:CRDGL 24 takes place on 4 March 2024, from 9am to 1pm, at Singapore
Polytechnic Convention Centre. Let’s come together and engineer a better tomorrow.


Onward, to a sustainable future!