Dalson Chung

The Institution of Engineers, Singapore

The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) has been  organising the Charles Rudd Distinguished Public  Lectures  series every year.  Riding on the success of the local series to drive influential dialogues and action amongst global communities to enable the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, IES will organise the inaugural Charles Rudd Distinguished Global Lecture (CRDGL).


Similar to the practice of organising the local series of the Charles Rudd Distinguished Public Lecture in commemoration of World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development (WED), CRDGL will be held to commemorate this year’s WED to elevate appreciation internationally of the critical contributions of engineers in building a sustainable future.


This effort is the latest manifestation of our commitment to making positive differences to address the increasingly worsening climate crisis. At COP28 held at the end of 2023, the world was reminded that the window for meaningful change towards mitigating climate change is narrowing and immediate actions are imperative.


Guided by the IES Green Plan 2030, IES strives to continuously break into new grounds in supporting Singapore’s sustainable development plans anchored upon the Singapore Green Plan 2030, instead of resting on our laurels.


As IES steps forward to respond to the urgent call for actions, we invite you to join us at CRDGL to engage in purposeful conversations to unleash trailblazing solutions and foster transformative collaborations to accelerate change.


CRDGL offers the perfect opportunity for engineers to drive the sustainable development aspirations forward – not in isolation but by tapping on our collective ingenuity and steadfast commitment.


As we embark on this endeavour, it is timely to remember the engineer  who made this series possible – Er. Charles Rudd, a Founder Member and Fellow of IES. May we emulate his spirit of continuous professional development and active learning to create a future where sustainability supports the hopes and aspirations of many generations to come.


See you at the event!