Beauty Meets Science: Embrace the Power of Personal Care Innovation @ Consumer Chemicals Technology Centre.

Consumer Chemicals Technology Centre (CCTC) is established as a Centre of
Innovation (COI) for the Beauty and Personal Care sector in Singapore since 2022. CCTC is committed to developing safe, sustainable and innovative beauty and personal care products for everyday consumer use. CCTC forms part of the Beauty Personal Care Joint Project Office led by Enterprise Singapore and comprises other members such as the Economic Development Board and A*STAR.

CCTC collaborates with industry partners, academic institutions, associations,
research institutes and government agencies to drive innovation and create
meaningful impact in the beauty and personal care sector. Our innovation projects focus on enhancing product performance, improving sustainability and promoting responsible use of cosmetic ingredients to protect human health and environment in the journey to create more ‘Made in Singapore’ products.

As a leading institution in the region, we are committed to sharing our expertise and knowledge with the wider community. We offer training programs, workshops, and seminars to industry professionals, researchers, and students, promoting knowledge exchange and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

For the learning journey at CCTC, you will experience three key segments:

● Products developed at CCTC
Be captivated by the accomplishments of CCTC and learn how the centre
creates products that are clean and sustainable for industry. Experience our
products to have a ‘feel’ of how the centre has directly translated innovative
ideas into tangible products.

● Consumer Business Ecosystem
In addition, the co-location of companies on campus gives rise to an end-to-
end Consumer Business Ecosystem. This nexus of collaboration brings diverse
capabilities and services to bear, accelerating product development and
shortening market-to-entry time.

● Training for PET and CET
Learn how the STAR programme equips companies with knowledge on
product development of cosmetics and fragrance development. Experience
the Industry Now Curriculum where students work on real world problem
statements provided by the companies and propose suitable formulation