Grundfos Demo Truck

The first ever Grundfos APAC Industry demo truck is ready to hit the road!

With ambitions to cross over multiple countries in Asia, this truck holds products and solutions across multiple applications relevant to you and your industry. The APAC Demo truck features a range of world-class sustainable water technologies where visitors can explore various pumping solutions to help reduce their overall carbon footprint showcasing our full commitment towards net zero carbon emission by 2050.
A new addition to the robust Grundfos product offerings is the CR 255 pump. Its new hydraulic design is able to handle large flows up to 320m3/h, more than it has ever handled before. Another main feature is in building an intelligent system “Grundfos iSOLUTIONS”. Key features such as precision dosing, constant boosting, multi-master and cascade functionality, level and temperature control handled in a smart and intelligent way for efficiency and effectiveness.

Explore the demo truck to find out more about the innovative solutions that Grundfos offers!


Advanced Materials Technology Centre (AMTC)

Experiencing Sustainable Solutions made possible by Advanced Materials
Technology Centre (AMTC)

In this learning journey, participants would be introduced to various green and sustainable solutions developed in Advanced Materials Technology (AMTC), Singapore Polytechnic. Projects to be showcased include wastes conversion to useful resources, low carbon/green construction materials, solar PV module recycling, as well as natural functional ingredients for complementary health/cosmetics/functional foods.


Consumer Chemicals Technology Centre (CCTC)

Beauty Meets Science: Embrace the Power of Personal Care Innovation @ Consumer Chemicals Technology Centre.


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Data Science & Analytics Centre (DSAC)

Supporting Companies in their Data-Driven Digital Transformation

As the digital era evolves, it is up to us – how we dream and imagine, and put these dreams and imagination into action – to support Singapore’s transformation into a Smart Nation. The Digital Economy provides exciting opportunities for the industry to transform to support this national initiative. It has become apparent that key accelerants to digital transformation are data and analytics. In this talk, we will share how Singapore Polytechnic works with the industry to support the industry in their data-driven digital transformation.


5G & AioT

Industrial demo has a solution that looks at managing energy savings.
1. Solar powered vertical farm
2. Smart EV charging and monitoring system
3. Intelligent Mesh Lighting solution
4. Low power wireless sensors

School of Architecture & The Built Environment (ABE)

Harnessing innovative technologies in the built environment.


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School of Business x UOB

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable finance comprises environmental, social, governance and economic aspects. Sustainable financing refers to the process of raising capital or investment funds for environmentally sustainable projects or initiatives. The goal of green financing is to support projects that have a positive impact on the environment, such as renewable energy projects, energy-efficient buildings, sustainable agriculture, and clean transportation. Sustainable financing can be done through various channels, such as green bonds, green loans, green venture capital, and other sustainable investment options. It is an important tool for promoting sustainable development and combating climate change.